Ministries around the world


Northern Christian Training Centre (NCTC), Labasa (Lum-barsa).

Over the years we have had a close relationship with NCTC and its founder Marion Male. We've supported various capital projects over the years and now NCTC Primary School which was founded in 2010.

C3 Gateway church, nadi (nan-dee)

Pastors Paula and Fane (Far-nay) Ragede (Rang-geddy) have visited Life Church Timaru as guest speakers in 2006 and we continue in relationship by supporting their Mercy Ministries and sending over used copies of The Word for Today which they circulate among their members and in door-to-door evangelism.


Cliff & Lynell Thomas were part of Life Church for a number of years and are now missionaries with Serving In Mission (SIM). They are preparing to move back to central Thailand post COVID-19.

Nepal, Kathmandu

Dhruba and Goma lead New Hope Ministries which provides safe homes for girls rescued from imminent risk of sexual exploitation, provides hospice services for women with HIV-AIDS and creates awareness about human trafficking. They have three children of their own plus the 19 others who they have rescued from being trafficked.